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Adrian Taverner is the Director of Photography/ Technical Director for Chaos Complex Entertainment. On any given day he might man a camera (stills or HD), rig lighting, record audio, design sound, produce music, design graphics, edit books or design websites. One of his cameras is never far from reach, and he writes, and writes, and writes.

The goods: Collected on this page are links to Adrian's personal web properties: his blog at (his original blog at ran for seven years, but he moved the whole works here), his photographer's portfolio at (actually... he tore that down for a complete rebuild and hasn't made it back in there yet, so it redirects back here - haha), and a link to his recently rediscovered Flickr page. One day he may do a proper job of gathering all the pictures in one place, but that day is not today.

Adrian currently produces full time for the Complex and for Fuel in New York, wearing as many hats as possible.

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